Thursday 11 January 2018

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Tools

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has some book publishing tools that authors and publishers can make use of to prepare their manuscript for publishing or create a descent cover for their book. I will discuss the following here:

  • KindleTestbookCreator
  • Kindle Create
  • Cover Creator
  • Kindle Previewer

Kindle Testbook Creator

This is a Kindle Direct Publishing tool that allows authors and educators to convert a PDF file into a print replica digital book. Note that it is very slow and you therefore have to be patient with it. To download it, click here and then click on "Kindle Testbook Creator".

Kindle Create

This is a Kindle Direct Publishing tool that allows authors and publishers to format their book’s manuscript to Kindle (eBook) publishing standard. To download it, click here .

Cover Creator

This Kindle Direct Publishing tool allows you to freely create cover for your eBook or paperback (print) book. You have access to and make use of it during the actual publishing process of the book, in the second stage of the publishing processes.

To make use of it, click the option “Use Cover Creator” under “Cover upload”. Te cover creator tool will now be loaded and you can then navigate through it to choose and create a befit cover for the book. Please note that the output of the cover creator no matter how good fall short of being a custom cover for your book as other authors and publishers also have access to these background image and themes you made used.

Kindle Previewer 3

This is a Kindle Direct Publishing tool that allows authors to emulate or simulate how their .mobi eBook will display across all Kindle devices and Apps. To download it, click here and then click on "Kindle Previewer 3".

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