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Writing a great book is just the first step to having a successful publishing career. The next most important step is marketing or promoting it to make it known to potential readers. The resources below will be of great help to you in marketing and promoting your books.
  1. 98 Book Marketing Ideas That Can Help Authors Increase Sales 
  2. 3 Simple Copywriting Techniques to Get Your Customer 'Beyond' the Buy Button 
  3. Sales and Marketing Q/A on Goodreads Support for Indie Authors Group
  4. Which Demographic Do You Promote Your Book To? 
  5. Best Websites for your Kindle Countdown Deals Promotion (Books under $2.99)
  6. Author Earnings 
  7. Chris Fox 2016 Earnings Report 
  8. Six road-tested ways to pull in readers 
  9. 50 Book Marketing Ideas Every Author Needs to Know    
  10. Best Website Builders   
  11. Keyword Research and Strategy    

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  1. Nice to know you found it interesting and useful.

  2. Good, I collect such lists like yours! For example, here is my list of reviews of drag and drop builders that can be used even by a newbie.


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