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Some titles from established independent authors which are all doing well are listed below. You can get them from your favorite eBook stores (Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo using the links provided) or through other eBook stores that Smashwords or D2D distributes books to.


The era of being rejected by publishing agents or publishers is quite over now. This is because you can now independently publish your book as an eBook or print book Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform the leader in the publishing world.

With this book, you will quickly learn and acquire the basic skills to ensure you actualize your publishing dream as soon as possible. These are what you will learn:
  • Account Opening
  • Differences between KDP account name and pen name
  • Formatting
  • How to resolve major errors in Microsoft word formatted eBook
  • Kindle direct publishing promotion tools 
  • Cover Design Tips 
  • Publishing, Promotion/Marketing.
  • Get US Payoneer Bank Account to Receive Your Royalties.

SPSS: The Ultimate Data Analysis Tool

SPSS Statistics is a statistical software package produced by SPSS and used for interactive statistical analysis. The two main aspects of Data Analysis using SPSS are: “Data Entry” and “Data Analysis and Interpretation"

Microsoft Access: Database Creation and Management through Microsoft Access

This Microsoft Access manual will help you to learn how to use Microsoft Access to create and manage relational database

Website Development for Kids: HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Computer for Kids

MASTER CASCADING STYLE SHEETS (CSS) QUICKLY: CSS Property Definitions, Inline CSS, Internal CSS, External CSS and Sample Codes 

Do you want a detailed, organized, and step by step guide on how to quickly learn and master Cascading Style Sheets? This book will satisfy your needs if your answer to the above question is in the affirmative.
Amazon US - Amazon UK

CorelDRAW How: The Fundamental of CorelDAW (CorelDRAW How Book 1)

This tech manual guides you in learning and perfecting your CorelDRAW Skills in Graphics Design. It uses a step by step approach to help you get the best always.

CorelDRAW Projects: Step by Step Professional GraphicsDesign Project Procedures inCorelDRAW (CorelDRAW How Book 2)

This CorelDraw-tech manual will help you in refine and perfect your CorelDraw Skills in Professional Graphics Design through the conception and designing of over 20 graphics design Projects. It uses a step by step graphics design procedures to help you perfect your skills quickly.

AutoCAD Fundamentals: A Comprehensive Guide on Engineering Drawing and Modeling

AutoCAD software is the major Computer Aided Design (CAD) program most professions recommend for its practitioners. With AutoCAD skills, ideas and design concepts can be represented using lines and other geometrical construction shapes and objects on a computer.

So, this book will teach you how AutoCAD can be used to create engineering drawings and models most especially mechanical engineering drawings.

Computer for Kids

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) Fundamentals: How to Master HTML with Ease

This tech manual guides you in learning and perfecting your Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) Skills. It uses a step by step approach and clean sample codes to help you get the best always.

Photoshop Manual: Introduction to Photoshop
This tech manual guides you in learning and perfecting your Photoshop Skills. It uses a step by step approach and proper illustrations to help you get the best always.

Photoshop Fundamentals: Advance Photoshop
This Photoshop manual will help you to advance and perfect your Photoshop Skills in the areas of Text Effects, Photo Effects, Photo Manipulations, Graphics Design, and Creating Animation through step by step procedures to help you get the best quickly.

Stage Event Lighting Fundamentals: Event Lighting Setup and Control
Stage event Lighting and Management now involves the use of LED lights and Digital Multiplex machines. You can setup light fixtures manually or control them using a DMX machine. Parker lights are RGB light and both Parker and Moving Head lights are produced using LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology.

COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS: An Introduction to Computer Science 

Productivity in work place in many professions now requires the know-how and application of computer skills. This entails basic computer knowledge, some general office productivity programs and in some cases advance and professional computer programs. It is therefore important that you acquire computer skills and have a competitive advantage over your colleagues. 
               Amazon US - Amazon UK

How To Make Your Relationship Work: BestRomance and Relationship Tips

Do you want to know what your partner think or why he/she act in a particular way? Do you want to know how to get the man/woman you desire or to keep your partner you so much love? At some point in life, every one of us embarks on a journey to find love. We meet people, date, get into out of relationships, all with the hope of finding someone with whom we share a deep connection. But are you prepared to meet the obligations inherent in a relationship just as you expects same from your partner? In fact you have to be there always most especially when it is most important.

Excel VBA Programming: Automating Excel through Visual Basic for Application

Most of the procedures and tasks in Microsoft Excel can be Automated through the use of Visual Basic Application (VBA) Excel Programming. This Book deals with the fundamentals of VBA Excel Programming and how to create Excel Add-Ins. 

Biogas Plant: Biogas Digester Design, Gas Production and Purification

Biogas being a renewable, sustainable and alternative source of energy obtained from the anaerobic digestion of Cow dung or other animal/plant wastes under appropriate conditions can be burnt and used as a cooking fuel after it has been properly purified or scrubbed.

Web Design and Development: Website Technologies Fundamentals

The three cornerstone technologies for website development that is Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), and JavaScript are properly discussed here with examples to make it sink in easily.

THE ABC OF EBOOK PUBLISHING: Kindle Direct Publishing, Draft2Digital, Smashwords, Writing, Formatting, Creating an Active Table of Content, and Marketing Guide

Over 500 paperback copies sold through my small traditional publishing firm and now made available in digital format so that independent authors any where in the world can have easy access to it because it will be of great help to many.

Practical Guide on Writing a Persuasive Business Plan 

To build a successful business in any industry or sector, you need to first research about your area of interest and then draft a comprehensive business plan. This will give you focus and hence help you to stop doing random acts of marketing and start following a reliable plan for rapid business growth and development.

The Secrets of Living a Successful Life in Christ: Enjoy Peace, Success, Happiness, and Fruitful Relationships 
It is important that you realize that God is interested in you and wants the best for you and your loved ones. In fact, His interest in you is irrespective of color, race, or gender. This is because He created all of mankind in His own very image and you are unique and an ambassador of the Kingdom irrespective of your location on Earth.

Windows Operating System:
Windows Operating System
(OS) Installation, Basic
Windows OS Operations, Disk
Defragment, Disk Partitioning,
Windows OS Upgrade, System
Restore, and DiskFormatting

Operating System is system software that manages computer hardware and application programs. It is the most important software that runs on a computer; while Windows Operating System which is a graphical user interface operating system developed by Microsoft is the operating system most personal computer users installed on their computers.

With this book, you will quickly learn and acquire the skills to understand and effectively get the best from your Windows Operating System Personal computer. These are what you will learn:

*Introduction to Operating System
*Windows Operating System Overview
*Windows Operating System Installation
"Basic Windows Operating System Operations (Tasks)
*Control Panel applets and their functions
*Disk Defragment
*Disk Partitioning
"Windows Operating System Upgrade
*System Restore
*How to Clean up a Virus Infested Personal Computer
*Disk Formatting
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Yes You Can: Four Habits You Can Stop and Enjoy a Healthier and Successful Life

It is a fact that success in life is the product of the understanding and application of some basic life principles like having a Definite Life Purpose, Initiative, Enthusiasm, and Desire to achieve the objects of your Dreams etc.

It is also important to realize that there are some habits that can destroy and render the effectiveness of these principles in the life of an individual. The habits in question are negative even though they may be appealing. Four of these habits are here presented for you to know how to avoid them or conquer them if you are already a victim of any of them. They are as follows:

Taking Alcoholic Drinks
Amazon US - Amazon UK

Facebook Groups for Authors: How to Use Facebook Author and Book Promotion Groups to Generate Sales and Create Visibility for Your Books

It is imperative to develop a marketing system that works but not expensive to run with good return on investment. One of such methods is the use of social media, in this case Facebook. I am not talking of paid Facebook Ad or paying Facebook group Admins to pin your post for a short period of time. This system involves joining "Book Promotion and Author" groups on Facebook and then strategically self-promoting your books through them. There are no limitations on how you take advantage of these groups because they were all created for book marketing.

Microsoft Office Productivity Pack A Step by Step Guide

With is book, I bring to you a bundle of my popular and fast selling Microsoft Office step by step guides on Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. 

13 Reasons Why Your Relationship or Marriage is not Working: How to Make it Work
The beauty of a relationship or marriage is in the quality of joy, peace, and happiness experienced by the couple. It is even more astonishing if this experience can be made limitless such that it takes on the coloration of eternity.

It will interest you to know that you can make your relationship or marriage to flourish in this manner if you understand the mystery of the power inherent in the mixing of the emotions of love, sex, and romance and how to use it to stimulate your partner to be the best in his career or business and become the man of your dream.

This book will guide you on how to use the golden rule and the power of suggestion to help you and your man create the habit of being the best to yourselves through 13 check lists.

Moringa Leaf Powder Preparation and
Health Benefits
This is about the preparation and Health benefits of Moringa (Moringa Oleifera) which is well known as a miracle tree due to its health enriching characteristics in the areas of Well being, Happiness, Weight loss, and as food supplement.

JavaScript Fundamental: A step by step Guide

This is a guide on how to use JavaScript to give dynamic features to a static website, development of web base applications through the knowledge of JavaScript Variable, Operators, Boolean, and Maths object . It also entails other areas of application of JavaScript outside the Web.
Amazon US - Amazon UK - Kobo - B/N Nook - iBook - Scribd Smashwords

Awakening The Giant In You Through The Masters Perspective

With a definite chief aim, definite plans and appropriate actions you can transform your ideas into its physical equivalent and hence live a successful and fulfilled life. This Photo Magazine presents to you the ideas of greatest minds ever in a manner that transforms the mind of its reader to a realm equivalent to those of the masters of success.

Why You Need To Eat That Fruit: A Compendium of Fruits and their Health Benefits
Eating fruits of all kinds has long been associated with a reduced risk of many lifestyle-related health conditions. This is quite understandable since most fruits are generally packed with many vital nutrients required by our body system for optimum performance. They are also fresh and natural too.

Microsoft Word Fundamental

A Step by Step Guide

This is a practical and step by step Microsoft Word manual that guides you in learning and perfecting your Microsoft Word skills in type setting and formatting your document. It also contains a complete process of how to professionally format and prepare your book manuscript for publishing as an eBook.
Amazon US - Amazon UK - Kobo - B/N Nook - iBook - Scribd Smashwords

Vegetables and Their Health Benefits
Eat and Be healthy
Vegetables are low in calories and fats but are good sources of vitamins and minerals. They are mostly green, yellow or Orange and they are rich sources of magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, beta-carotene, vitamin B-complex, vitamin-C, vitamin K and vitamin-A. Vegetables are also excellent sources of many antioxidants. 
Kobo - B/N Nook - iBook - Scribd Smashwords

The Best of Microsoft PowerPoint: Brand Exposure Techniques

This tech manual guides you in learning and perfecting your Microsoft PowerPoint Skills in effective design and delivery of a presentation.
Amazon US - Amazon UK - Kobo - B/N Nook - iBook - Scribd Smashwords

The Wave of Change

This deals with leadership and development struggle and the possibility of having a good and performing leader in an African setting, particularly in Nigeria.

Hacking Through Microsoft Excel Skills A Step by Step Approach

This tech manual guides you in learning and perfecting your Microsoft Excel Skills in Excel Tools practice, performing basic functions, Data Analysis, Matrices, Financial operations, Statistical Analysis, and Automating Excel tasks and Procedures through Visual Basic for Application (VBA).

Tools and Function Lists: Engineering Tools Manual

This tech manual guides you on the uses safe handling of auto mechanic, workshop, welding, auto Body and electrical Tools.

Effective Education Methods for Children 

This is a timeless guide that Nigerian and African parents or guardians can use as a companion in the process of training their wards such that they will be exposed to all relevant resources and opportunities that will help them to be at par to their counterparts in other climes.

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