Saturday, 12 November 2016

When to Go Nuclear in Formatting your eBook

Microsoft Word book formatting

Formatting and preparing your manuscript for publishing as an eBook or print book using Microsoft Word can be quite easy but requires paying attention to details. For instance, you must avoid the use of the Enter and back-space keys in your keyboard.

So, when you encounter formatting errors in your Microsoft Word formatted eBook during publishing and those errors refuses to be fixed when you attempt taking care of the issue, this is what you shouldn do.

How To Resolve Errors In Microsoft Word Formatted eBook 

  • Go nuclear with it i.e copy and paste the entire manuscript into Notepad to get rid of all the previous formatting.
  • Copy it from notepad.
  • Open a new Microsoft Word document and paste it there.
  • Save it now as a .doc file.
  • Reformat it to your taste, and go ahead to republish it.
  • Make use of styles to properly format it this time around.

Good luck and happy publishing.

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

How to become a Successful Independent Author

ebook publishing

The era of being rejected by publishing agents or publishers is quite over now. Writers and authors can now take advantage of platforms like Amazon KDP, Draft2Digital, Smashwords, and many others to create a successful self-publishing career.

The Power of Self-publishing

Do yo know that it is a real great freedom and power to be an independent (indie) or self-published author? This is because you are not just the author but also the publisher and marketer of your book. Your book even enjoys some good form of promotion from the distributor through the tools you have access to in your account dashboard (free days, coupon codes, count down deal e.t.c) to make your books visible, discoverable, and desirable to readers worldwide.

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Why You should Self-publish

Are you a good writer or author, having a great book but no access to traditional publishers? Look no further because going indie is your best bet and means to actualize your dream. In fact, once you successfully build your brand, agents and traditional publishers will come to you and you become the king that way.

Self-publishing Success Tips and Guides

Some of the basic things you have to know and do to be successful as an indie author are stated below:
  • Write a good book with a well defined genre in mind.
  • Properly edit the manuscript and you can outsource this to a professional editor.
  • Make use of beta readers to get feedback.
  • Perform the final editing.
  • Format the manuscript as an eBook and you can also outsource this to a good formatter.
  • You can also format it as a print book if you will be offering paperbacks.
  • Design the Cover for the book and you can outsource this to a professional graphic designer.
  • You should already start marketing it to build up buzz for the book through word of mouth, social media, and online forums.
  • Create account with the distribution platform of your choice (kindle Direct Publishing, Draft2Digital, or Smashwords).
  • You can also create author platforms like Facebook author page, Blog, Twitter account, or website to promote your brand.
  • You can now login to your publisher account which you created earlier and follow through the process to publish your book. 
  • You should order a copy once it is live so that you will see what you are offering to readers. Buying a copy of your book once is allowed and it also gives the book a paid status early.
  • Go to all the available platforms and announce that the book is live. Also tell your friends and family to help create word of mouth buzz.
  • You can now monitor the performance of your newly published book through the "Report" tab in your account.
  • You should also continue to promote it but wait until toward the end of the first month before doing any paid promotion.

Congratulations, you are now a published author! But remember that you will need to be consistent, patient, and hardworking to be able to profit from self-publishing.

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The era of being rejected by publishing agents or publishers is quite over now. This is because you can now independently publish your book as an eBook or print book Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform the leader in the publishing world.

With this book, you will quickly learn and acquire the basic skills to ensure you actualize your publishing dream as soon as possible. These are what you will learn:
  • Account Opening
  • Differences between KDP account name and pen name
  • Formatting
  • How to resolve major errors in Microsoft word formatted eBook
  • Kindle direct publishing promotion tools 
  • Cover Design Tips 
  • Publishing, Promotion/Marketing.
  • Get US Payoneer Bank Account to Receive Your Royalties.

You can get further information and tips from the resources given below:

  1. IndieView with Kelley Rose Waller
  2. KDP Getting Started - How to Publish
  3. Smashwords official blog
  4. Helping Writers Become Authors 
  5. How To Open U.S Payoneer Bank Account And Receive Online Payments Through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)