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For authors to have easy access to Facebook groups that are dedicated to Author brand and book promotions, I created the list of such groups here. Feel free to join these groups and take advantage of the their targeted audience to grow your blog or website and books visibility and hence host your sales.

You can share this with your author friends because any bits of publicity matters a lot.
  1. Free Kindle Book Promotion
  2. Indie Authors International
  3. Book Promotion 
  4. Book World 
  5. Best ebooks 
  6. eBook and Paperback Book Palace 
  7. Amazon Kindle and Book Promotion  
  8. Book Love and Promotions 
  9. Free & Bargain Ebooks - Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks & More! 
  10. Kindle Book Club and Book Promotion   
  11. 99c Kindle Book Promotion 
  12. Book Excerpts & Book Promo Group
  13. Book Promotions 
  14. Amazon Kindle/eBook Readers UK/Europe/Asia/Africa/Elsewhere
  15. Universal+Books+India
  16. Book Reviews & Promotion
  17. Free Kindle Books
  18. Creative Designers and Writers: Authors, Artists, Book Promotions
  19. Free Book Promotion
  20. Pubshelf: Author Book Promotions
  21. Indie Books Promotion!
  22. Book Reviews & Promotion & Suggestions 
  23. Book Lovers - Amazon, Nook, iBooks, GooglePlay, Kobo, etc.
  24. Book Reviews & Promotion
  25. Indie Books for 99 Cents
  26. Book Promotion Scifi and Fantasy
  27. Authors book promotion
  28. KBookPromotions Private Mastermind
  29. Great FREE and Bargain Books
  30. Promote Your Book Here 
  31. Kindle Unlimited Book Launch Group
  32. $2.99 e-book Promotion
  33. FREE Kindle ebooks
  34. Authors free and .99 and promotional book club
  35. Book Promotion Ideas
  36. Author's Info book promotions 
  37. Indie Writer Book & Self Promotion
  38. We Love Kobo Books
  39. Book Junkie Promotions 
  40. Today's FREE Kindle Books (Sharing Is Caring!) 
  41. Free Romance Books 
  44. Kindle Unlimited Free Books! 
  45. Free & Low Cost Christian Books 
  46. Free Kindle Books 
  47. FREE Mystery, thriller, suspense books 
  48. Free Books 
  49. FREE BOOKS!! 
  50. Adult coloring free eBooks 
  51. Free Horror eBooks 
  52. Free Crocheting eBooks 
  53. Free Kindle Books and Great Deals 
  54. FREE Kindle Books Are Here! 
  55. A Taste of Romance Book Club 
  56. Share Your Romance Books 
  57. Romance Novels ♥ Publicity & Book Club 
  58. Christian Non-Fiction Great Books 
  59. Steamy Books - Romance and Erotic Fiction for Women

Note that you can open a US bank account through Payoneer and use it to receive your royalties from the first two publishing platforms discussed above. To do that now, click here and follow through the simple processes involved.

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