Thursday 10 May 2018

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Print Formatting Tips and Tricks

You can now easily publish the paperback (Print) editions of your Kindle books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) instead of the usual hopping over to CreateSpace. Although CreateSpace services are equally good and satisfactory, but publishing print editions directly through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing makes it possible for you to have access to all your sales reports (Kindle and Print) in one Dashboard.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Print Formatting Template

To make formatting the manuscript of your book to Amazon KDP standard easy, it is good you download the print formatting templates offered by Amazon KDP. To do that, go to the help pages on Amazon and search for “print formatting template” and then download the ones of your choice. The templates are available in different print sizes i.e. 5”x8”, 6”x9”, e.t.c.

Once you have the template, open it with your Word Processor program and use it to format the manuscript.

Image Resolution and Placement

To avoid image resolution errors during the publishing process, it is good you make sure all the images you used in the book have a resolution of at least 300DPI. Also insert the images as against copying and pasting them.

Center-align all the images and provide space before and after using the “Before and After” feature in Microsoft Word the image to ensure good reading experience


Note that the minimum number of pages for a KDP print book is 24 pages. Once you are done formatting the book, you have to convert it to quality PDF file. To do this, use the “Save As” feature in Microsoft Word to save it as PDF but make sure you select the option button “Optimize for (Standard online and printing)” before clicking the “Publish button.

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