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How to Make sure your Book sells and also avoid unusually High Sales Return

Marketing ebook

The truth is for readers to put their money on your eBook, you have to make sure it is properly written, formatted, and with a fair listing price.

Book marketing therefore includes doing all the processes involved in the writing, editing, formatting, and listing price, and publishing properly.

Book Marketing Strategies

You have to take note of the following most especially if you want to avoid unusually high book sales return of the few sales made as an indie author.

  • Is your book content good enough to satisfy customers/readers? 
  • Is your book properly formatted. 
  • Is your book cover design right? 
  • Is your book listed in the proper categories?

If your answers to the above questions is YES, then there will be minimal return of your book.

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The era of being rejected by publishing agents or publishers is quite over now. This is because you can now independently publish your book as an eBook or print book Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform the leader in the publishing world.

With this book, you will quickly learn and acquire the basic skills to ensure you actualize your publishing dream as soon as possible. These are what you will learn:
  • Account Opening
  • Differences between KDP account name and pen name
  • Formatting
  • How to resolve major errors in Microsoft word formatted eBook
  • Kindle direct publishing promotion tools 
  • Cover Design Tips 
  • Publishing, Promotion/Marketing.
  • Get US Payoneer Bank Account to Receive Your Royalties.

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How to Promote and Market your eBook

Hello indie author, putting your one and only book on giveaway is not a smart move. The guides here will be of great help to you.

Indie Marketing Strategies

What you should do now is go back to writing and add your 2nd, 3rd, .... 4th, 5th books.
  1. After which, you can then start experimenting with giveaways and other marketing strategies.

  2. If you don't have an accounts with and, do that like now and start building your profile and fan base.

  3. During your giveaway or count down deal promotion, submit your eBook in marketing sites such as,,, and etc.

  4. Amazon campaign is also a great idea to work with.

  5. You should have a blog, if you are yet to have one then go right away to blogger to claim one.
There are many more promotion ideas but you can start with these ones. Good luck!

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Check out this my new book on how to hack through eBook publishing and marketing skills which is live on Amazon.

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Amazon UK

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Book Cover Design Guide

Be creative in ebook cover design

You have to be creative when it comes to designing your eBook or print book cover.  Just as your book content have to be truly great, so also is your Book cover.

Remember that it is the first part the buyer have contact with and that means it will determine if it will sell or not.

The following tips will be handy while designing cover for your book.

Book Cover Design Tips

  1. It should portray the ebook genre and title.

  2. It should be great but simple in design and should not be clustered with two much details .
  3. Take a look at best sellers eBook cover in your genre to learn from them.

  4. It should be clean and clear even as a thumbnail.

  5. Choose your colours wisely.

  6. You can contract it out to professional Book cover design services.

The samples below is for some of my works some of which are for my books which are live on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, and Smashwords. The others are covers I did for my clients.




If you are interested in learning or perfecting your graphic design skills so that you can professionally design cover for your books in a short while, then you can try out my book " CorelDRAW How: The Fundamental of CorelDRAW" and "Photoshop Fundamental: The
How of Photoshop" as  they will surely meet your expectations. I will also appreciate an honest review of the books. Good luck!


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Professional eBook Formatting and Preparation for Publishing Guide

ebook formatting tips

As an indie author, properly formatting and editing your manuscript should be your highest priority.

To do this properly in formatting your manuscript as an eBook or print book using Microsoft Word, the following tips will be of great help to you. This will enable you to professionally format your manuscript to acceptable standard of major eBook publishing and distribution platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct, Smashwords and Google books.

eBook Formatting Tips

Once your book is well written and properly formatted, you will surely get good feedback from readers in the form of sales and positive reviews. 
  1. Save the manuscript in Microsoft word as a .doc document (Save As 1997-2003).

  2. Properly edit and proof read, as well as removing all tab and spacebar spaces. To do this, ON the Show/Hide MS word feature to guide you.

  3. Create and use custom styles to format the front and end matter of your book.

  4. You can directly apply Bold, Italics, and Underline where necessary.

  5. Create the working Table Of Content using the Bookmarking method which converts well in both Smashwords and Amazon KDP Direct unlike inserting table of content through Reference menu which is not acceptable  in Smashwords.

  6. Simulate the eBook with your smart phone device to have a feel of it. If you are convinced it is great, congrats.

  7. Login to your platform account and follow through the procedures to publish it.

  8. Spread the news of your book being live on your published platforms.

  9. Start implementing your planned promotional strategies.

Good luck, you can now start working on your next book too.

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