Tuesday 29 August 2017

Book Writing Tips and Guides

book writing tips and guides on publishing through Amazon kindle direct publishing

Writing is an art. The more you practice it, the better you become at it. So, write, write, and write!!! Enjoy it and you will be astonished at your outputs with time.

Although it involves some learning and that is why you need to keep writing, learning, and getting better by the day. Never get upset by criticism, but rather, take it as a feedback and work on it.


The techniques involved in creative writing are not constant but varies from period to period, genre to genre, and schools of thought. I will consider this topic from two broad perspectives, that is, fiction and nonfiction writing.

The Art of writing fiction requires the following skills:

  • Sharp and Organized imagination.
  • The ability to outline your storyline
  • The ability to create compelling and expressive characters.
  • The ability to create dialogues that flows.

The Art of writing nonfiction requires the following skills:

  • The ability to outline your book idea.
  • Being a good researcher.
  • The ability to organize your research.
  • The ability to creatively write the actual book in a manner that it will be informative, interesting, and great.


It is very important you create a writing goal(s). This is because; we perform better when there is a desired target to attain. So, always have daily word count targets, monthly word count targets, and number of books to publish annually, daily and monthly sales targets, etc.


We all experience this now and then, but the most important thing is how you handle it in such a way that it will not affect your creativity, writing goals, and productivity.

So, anytime you experience a block, just remember that it is normal and remain calm too. You can do any of the following to offset the block or at least shorten its lifespan:
  • You can temporary switch from the title you are working on to another one if any.
  • You can go take a walk or do some exercise.
  • You can do some social media or blog buzz to promote your published books.
  • You can check your email and respond to some important messages.
  • You can login to your favorite author/book forum and learn some things or comment on posts.
  • You can go have some quite time.
  • You may go have your shower and refresh yourself.
  • You can go take some snacks and probably coffee too.

After some of these things, you may become filled with new ideas or flow that will enable you to continue your writing or just lie low till the next day before you come back to your writing.


When you are about to start a new book project, it is very important you put some things in place and some of these things are as follows:
Research the sales potential of the supposed genre of the book idea and see if it is worth it or you will need to optimize it for a different genre.
Properly outline the book's chapters and sections/scenes.
  • Research any relevant information.
  • Start building sales momentum for the book by posting your writing progress on your social media outlets to carry your followers along.
  • You can now start the actual writing.
  • Research the nature of the eBook cover design you will need for the book and start work on it too.
  • Plan and document the launching strategies you will use to promote/market the book. Make sure you used these strategies to give the book a good standing in sales and ranking once it is published.


As an Indie author, you need to know which social media platforms or forums will offer you the opportunity to meet and socialize with other authors, share ideas with them, critic works, and even learn from them. The following are some of such forums or platforms:
  • Facebook Author Support Groups
  • Goodreads
  • KindleBoards (KBoards).


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